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Papers & Workshops

When we reflected on the papers we received, it was evident from the abstracts that there were a number of overarching themes:

To make it easier for you to choose which sessions to attend, we have located the various papers and workshops within these categories. They are by no means tightly fitting categories and many presentations can easily fit into one or another of these categories. They are a rough guide only.

See the summary list of papers, posters and workshops below.

You can download  the  Papers-workshops-summary and Abstracts, and the Schedule for concurrent sessions

Conference highlight: Posters session

The poster presentation is an ideal way to highlight cutting-edge ideas or work that has recently been published and present your ideas to the whole conference. A poster is an A2 (flip chart size – 550mmx800mm) cardboard where you can creatively display your key concepts, research results etc using text and graphics. See the “Conference Experience” page for more information.