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The 8th International SLaM Conference

TheĀ 8th International Conference is now over, but the feedback from participants has been heart-warming. The conference took on the theme of “wisdom at work” both in terms of the content of the talks and workshops and in terms of the process of the conference itself. In planning the conference, the organising group wanted people to enter into the experience deeply, in a way that would allow the wisdom of the moment to arise. But planning can’t ensure that such a thing will happen….

What many attendees have told us is that the experience for them was wonderful. And the particular things they pointed to covered every aspect of the conference. Here are some of the things they expressed as being highlights for them:

What are you taking away?

Here are just some of the comments we received. We will add more comments, and some photos, soon.

“A bit of needed integration.”

“Contentment with where I am. New possibilities.”

“A spirit of peace and harmony leading to a renewed sense of

“Love. A feeling of being supported in a community. Validation. New friends.”

play reading

play reading

opening ceremony

opening ceremony



SLaM Inc thanks the Macquarie Graduate School of Management for their sponsorship of the conference.


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